Property for Rent in London – Find Your South West London Home with Revere

Looking for somewhere to live in South West London? Revere Property Limited is a highly experienced team of property professionals with an intimate knowledge of the area. We offer a friendly, reliable service to prospective tenants and will help you discover a flat or house you'll call home. Search for properties now.

If you're looking for property for rent in London SW, here's a few things to consider:

Get to Know the Neighbourhood

So what's an area like? You could ask us for an answer (and there's lots we can tell you) but why not spend some leisure time in the area you're considering? Visit the shops and try out a few cafes and bars. Discover what other facilities are available – for example parks, leisure clubs, and cinemas. And don't forget to research those vital transport links.

Be Flexible

If you can be flexible, you'll greatly increase the number of properties available to you. Could you invest in furniture and consider unfurnished properties? Or could you store your furniture and consider furnished options? Perhaps you could give yourself a wider time-frame for finding a new home by staying with friends or family? Or maybe you could widen your search – for the sake of an extra five minutes walk, you might have a much larger choice of property for rent in London.

Sell Yourself

It isn't always the person who offers the highest rent who secures the deal. Landlords want reliable tenants. Therefore:

• if you have had a stable tenancy previously, make sure you explain this to your agent
• tell your agent if you are well settled in your current work place; if you have signed a long contract for a job; or if you have no intention to move for a long period
• supply all requested documentation quickly. It sends out the right signals regarding your reliability

Be Decisive

If you really like a property, don't waste valuable time viewing lots more. It's a competitive market out there – nab it before someone else does!

Be a Great Tenant

Keep your property clean and tidy, pay your rent on time, and report any faults to the agent or landlord as soon as they happen. All of these things can help foster a good relationship with your landlord. They will also help you build a good tenant profile if you decide to move on and look for other property to rent in London in the future.

Revere is a South West London lettings agency run by a team that has many years of experience helping tenants in the SW area. Find out more about Revere's services. Or get in touch now.