Tenant Fees

South London Estate Agents – Tenant Fees

Fees for Tenants

During Your Tenancy -

Change or Tenant fee £50.00inc Vat

Negotiating change of Tenant paperwork and signing with the new incoming Tenant (fee includes renewal paperwork) new Tenant will require reference checks which is charged separately.


Cutting of keys £15.00inc Vat, plus the cost of the keys


Extra copy of contract requested to be scanned and emailed £6.00inc Vat

Acopy will always be sent at the start of Tenancy free of charge)


Letters requested to be sent on Tenants behalf £20.00inc Vat

i.e. bank account application etc.


Property visit on behalf of Tenant £20.00inc Vat

i.e. collecting mail, taking meter readings etc.


Any charge applicable will be expected to be paid before completion of request.

Please note, it still remains the Tenants responsibility to hand their property back, at the end of the Tenancy, in a similar condition to when they moved in. This includes, however is not limited to, professional cleaning, paying all rent and bills, repairing or replacing anything broken/ damaged or lost during the Tenancy.