Advice for London Landlords – How to Get Maximum Return From Your Property

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Choose a Reputable Agent

Want to let a property management company take the strain? Make sure it's registered to a professional body, for example the ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents). Take into account the agent's website, bearing in mind how other properties are advertised. Does the listing show the property's best potential? Is it likely to attract interest? Most importantly, go with an agency you feel you can trust and can comfortably work with.

Consider Your Clientele

If you're looking for a property investment, consider your potential clientele. For example if you want to offer your property to a family, you'll need to make sure it's in a good catchment area for popular schools. Corporate sharers, on the other hand, will want roomy, well-proportioned bedrooms. And remember – most commuters will put good transport networks near the top of their list. Take a look at our guide to South West London.

Tidy Property = Tidy Profits

Many prospective tenants will make a decision about your property within moments of walking in. Ensure the front of your property is appealing and stands out from neighbouring properties. A lick of paint on the front door or communal hallway will work wonders. And tidy away old post and flyers.

A few simple fixes can help make the inside of your property as bright, spacious and appealing as possible:

• Make sure all light bulbs are working.
• Wash or dry-clean curtains.
• If blinds don't pull up, fix them – you should aim to let in as much light as possible.
• Tidy thoroughly and store away unused furniture.

Garden Duties

Tenants love an outside living space, however small. Make the most of your property's yard or garden by providing easy access and ensuring it's tidy and weed free. You may need to temporarily store bikes or barbeques elsewhere while prospective tenants come to visit.

Good luck from Melissa and Bruno at Revere!.